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with International Collaborations (EXCLUSIVE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS) offers the most affordable Accredited International Programs from the US, UK, Canada and Australia by Open Distance eLearning; accepted all over the world as assessed by Professional Credentials Evaluators
In partnership with FCE Service Providers, we facilitate and assist individuals get an appropriate and reliable foreign credential equivalency that are prepared with integrity. Regardless of which university you have studied at, we offer you a chance to get your course credit equivalent and improve your career prospects worldwide. If you have studied at any other globally recognized college or university, you can now benefit from our Credit Equivalency services and have your credits assessed to meet international standards.
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Foreign Credential Equivalency (USA, Canada,UK and more)
International Distance Education & Applied Learning Center
Employment Immigration Visa College Admission Grade School and High School Transfer Educator Certification Foreign Credits and more!
Credential Evaluation for:
Philippine Campus (For Local Residents only) 2017 Course Offerings : - International MOOC Programs - Non-Degree Courses - Applied Studies Certificate - English Proficiency
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