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Canada Opportunities
Co-op Internship This Co-op/ Internship Program is designed for International students, young graduates or professionals that want to acquire Canadian skills and knowledge in the hospitality industry. The world of Hospitality is a fast growing industry full of exciting opportunities. This is also for students who want to combine the formal learning of English/ French through a CU Finishing course, and then apply what they have learned in a paid Co-op work environment. The paid portion of Co-Op begins after the student has completed the required online or blended study classes at CU. The duration of the work period is equal to the length of the required online or blended finishing course, it may be 16 weeks or 24 weeks. The combination of study and paid work is a total of 32 weeks or 48 weeks and a maximum of 96 weeks.
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* This is an INTERNSHIP PROGRAM intended for CU Students only. We are NOT A RECRUITMENT AGENCY!
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Express Entry Express Entry: Come to Canada in 6 Months - IRCC have released their immigration targets for 2017: 300,000 As of Jan 1st, 2015, the Express Entry system is the first step to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker program. Processing times to receive your Canadian Permanent Residence Visa under Express Entry are quoted as low as 6 months! In brief, applicants submit an Expression of Interest form to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) summarizing their skills and credentials. Following submission, applicants are entered into a pool of individuals with similar backgrounds. Whether you rank higher or lower in your pool will completely depend on how you present your initial application. Only applicants who receive a Canadian job offer, a nomination from a province, or, are highly ranked in the pool will receive an invitation from CIC to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. We are here to help amd assist you get your Canadian Dream!